Bad news..

img_0395Dearest family, friends, and loving strangers,

We have lots of news and I’m not exactly sure how to go about this update, so when in doubt, just dive right in I guess…

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Day +17

img_0075**Update since I wrote this last night: Matt started a raging continuous fever! Go T-cells go!

Here’s a long awaited update! I’ve been wanting to update everyone for so long but I just didn’t have any clear answers on what was going on! As we know, Matt is quite unique…

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Roller Coaster

14390846_635598813274403_3164617590412764761_nGood morning!
As always, the roller coaster continues. Soon, we’ll hopefully be off of this ride and never get back on it again! Lol

On Wednesday morning, the fever reappeared, after only a mere 24 hours of stopping the steroids. Matt was admitted into the hospital once again. The plan was to admit him next Tuesday, which is when the treatment was set to begin. Good news, Bad news. Unfortunately, or as Matt would say, fortunately, there was a change of plans!!

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T-cell extraction

img_3063Wow! What a roller coaster!
Finally, this day has arrived! Matt is officially enrolled in the CAR-T22 immunotherapy trial and today is the first important day of the process! His white blood cells are being collected through a process called Apheresis!

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Happy birthday!

img_2724Shift change again, haha! I’m back 🙂

So since our last update, it’s already been quite the journey here in Maryland. Shortly after we arrived and began all the pre-trial testing and procedures, symptoms started appearing and rapidly increasing in intensity. There were ever growing fevers that we’re getting progressively difficult to control with Tylenol alone, and the liquid around my lungs (in my plural cavities) was also steadily building up, thus making it more challenging for me to breathe as the days passed. A dry cough had settled in, and I really wasn’t looking my best when the fever was peaking at 40.5C.

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Shift Change

img_2540Shift change!
I’ll try to keep it funny, as you are all accustomed to Matt’s comedy!

I wanted to give you all a little update on my hubby seeing as he’s too tired and doesn’t have the energy to write an update himself. He’s tired, but not tired enough to miss a chance to slip in a comment from time to time trying to make this update his own. I actually caught him, single-handed, with a smirk on his face, trying to edit my post when I came back from an errand!

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Here we go..

13900095_613357342165217_3250693620836657082_n-2On our way to Maryland once again for the CAR-T treatment at #NIH ! Guess who got a random check at security? #notsorandom #scarymask 😏😷 #leavingearly #helpsavematthew #byebyecancer