Dose #2

16473127_713050415529242_4008530817584469245_nWell hello there!Today, I received the second dose of the « bridge » treatment, finally!
Yup, we were unfortunately delayed by one week as my liver and kidneys didn’t want to cooperate last week and so we had to wait until things settled down. If only my organs would listen to me, behave, and be as tough as my mind. Luckily though, after today, I’ll only have one dose left. Continue reading

Bad-News-Fridays no more

16237195_10158031361940858_172649497_nHello loves!
Here’s to turning Bad-News-Fridays into good ones!
If you’ve been following our journey, we may have mentioned that we’ve received bad news on that last day of the week way too many times. That day of the week became one that we didn’t look forward to when going to a hospital appointment. Trust us; we’ve had our fair share of bad results during the past 3 years… Most of my positive (not the positive you want to hear) biopsy results were given to us on Fridays. Needless to say, we always dreaded those days because we would always be waiting for results or responses for different treatments on a Friday! Well last Friday was finally a good Friday indeed!

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Get Ready for some Real Talk…

fullsizerenderGet ready for some real talk, loving saviors…
The last two weeks have been extremely difficult for Matt, physically and especially emotionally. He’s been through hell and back once again since Christmas. He’s been fighting two subsequent infections, one of which was very dangerous and brought on tough conversations with his doctors. Continue reading

Cheers to 2016!

img_1495Of course, we started the new year with a BANG with a 7pm New Year’s Eve transfer to the ICU filled with scans, X-rays, and then a New Year’s Day lung bronchoscopy! Never a dull moment right?!

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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

dsc_2900Merry Christmas and Happy New Year (in advance)!

I’m happy to tell you guys that I’ll be able to go spend a day at home with Kat and my family for Christmas! I’m escaping Alcatraz again (my favorite joke ).

Boy have I come a long way since my ICU days and re-learning how to walk about 4 weeks ago! You guys would be proud of me! My body is definitely recuperating, but unfortunately there’s still a lot of cancer present ☹ . I’m almost off oxygen, walking really good (although I’m constricted to 100 square feet) and now able to get up from the toilet bowl … yup lol! My kidneys are getting better and my moral is still as good and positive as always! I’m so ready for this and can’t wait to get to this new step… but one day at a time and one dollar at a time!

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FINALLY on our way Home!

15390678_685358078298476_961670467110281165_nFINALLY on our way home (by home, I mean our home hospital… 😑 ) after four long months of being away!

We’re really excited to come home for the holidays, even with the crazy snow today! I’ll continue to recover at the hospital and maybe do a bridge treatment to keep my cancer under control until I’m stable and we raise enough money to get to Seattle! Hopefully I’ll be able to get a pass to be home for Christmas!

Make sure to enjoy every second with your family and friends. Hold them a little tighter, because you are lucky enough to all be together! ❤️

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Hello world!

8speyzzusymab3b4cqujfq_thumb_d91eHELLO WORLD!

We really need a BIG $ BOOST to Help Save my Life!

Do you think we could get over 10,000 Likes & Shares for this post?! Let’s try to make it happen and reach as many people as possible, all around the world, because the whole world has so much LOVE to give!

Remember, this treatment which is not available in Canada has an 85-95% remission success rate in Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia and is my ONLY chance at surviving this horrendous cancer! But I need the funds and your support to receive the treatment in Seattle!!!

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Waking up…

img_0904Hello bighearted angels around the world!

I feel like I’ve been asleep for the past days, weeks, but am now awakening to an outpouring of love I need to respond to ASAP! The ICU has been difficult, but I feel like right from left, up from down, everything is re-distinguishing itself and now I can properly give true thanks to the events that have been occurring during my “mental absence”.

The shares, the likes, the comments, the humanity. I’ve been so grateful, with tears of joy washing down my cheeks every day, reading as many comments as I can, responding to as many as I can, feeling supported and loved by so many: family, friends and complete strangers (who I feel like I know personally too by the way!).

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Let’s not give up!

15228028_10157713717955858_1677629912_n-2Because the 🌎  is a better place with Matthew by our side!

Your love and unbelievable support is helping us get through the worst weeks of our lives!
Matthew is recovering from this nightmare, getting better and stronger every day, and preparing for the next steps! Your beautiful comments are making him want to fight this disease even more and win this battle once and for all! We are so insanely overwhelmed by your love and generosity and cannot believe how lucky we are to have you all by our side, fighting this battle together!

ICU stay

15073300_669362963231321_623900627851411677_n-2Hi guys!

I just wanted to give you all a quick update on Matt.

He is currently in the ICU, as a preventative measure, because they started stronger chemotherapy today Continue reading